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Where Can Ontario Landlords Get Help?

April 12th, 2019 · Credit Check, Is the Ontario Landlord Knowledge Vault Any Good?, Landlord and Tenant Board Ontario, OLA Scam, Ontario Landlords Association forum

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The Ontario Landlord Forum Is Where You Can Network With Thousands Of Other Landlords Across Ontario And Get Expert Tips and Advice!

We continue to hear many stories of bad tenants abusing and ripping off good Ontario landlords. Things in 2019 sound even worse than ever as the Rental Fairness Act is anything but fair.

The Liberal government under Kathleen Wynne was devastated in the June election of 2018 and are not even an official party these days! The problem is their failed and unfair policies continue to harm good hard working investors in rental properties!

Why Do People Invest In Rental Properties?

Many new landlords have invested in properties in Ontario with the best of intentions

Why Do They Want to Be Great Landlords?

Many small landlords were tenants before and they remember what they wanted when renting a ;property.

How Are Many New Ontario Landlords Unaware of What They Are Getting Into?

No. And they get into trouble and find it hard to get any real help.

Why Hasn’t the New Government Changed The System?

If Ontario is truly “open for business” we need laws that support this.  There have been almost no changes to the Residential Tenancies Act, at least nothing of significance. 

News reports continue of Ontario landlords getting financially harmed by bad tenants who manipulate the system.

Ontario Landlords Association PROTECTION MEMBERSHIP

Dennis protection member

Due to the challenges Ontario landlords face there is a new level of membership available.

For only a low one time fee you get terrific services, including access to the VERIFIED LANDLORD MEMBERS FORUM.

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Is The Ontario Landlord Knowledge Vault Any Good? – Ontario Landlords Become Expert Landlords

February 24th, 2018 · Is the Ontario Landlord Knowledge Vault Any Good?, Landlord self-help, Latest news, Ontario Landlord Knowledge Vault, Ontario Landlord Knowledge Vault Review, Review of Ontario Landlord Knowledge Vault

Ontario Landlord Knowledge Vault Review

Tenants Staying With Out Paying Rent for 8 Months or More! Ontario Landlords Face More Challenges Than Ever Before! It’s Important For Landlords To Learn From Other Landlords Who Are Experienced and Successful 

Being a landlord in Ontario can be tough.  A CBC news story from just last year is a wake call for all Ontario landlords, especially as the rules have not improved and bad tenants actually have more ways to manipulate the system than ever before.

The Toronto landlord rented to a person who she believed to be “well heeled” for her upscale rental apartment in the Yorkville area. The tenant applicant gave all the right answers to her questions and she rented to him…and he became her “Tenant From Hell.” Since moving in the tenant has “used the system” and not paid rent because of “maintenance issues”. These issues included, the tenant claimed, a broken air conditioner and “not being able to properly access his parking spot.”

Ontario Landlord Tenant Regulations Need To  Change, But They Aren’t!

The tenant had a history of playing games to avoid paying rent. Previously he had agreed to rent a Toronto condo for $3,200/month.  That’s a pretty decent rent, right? The problem is he never paid the rent and manipulated the system.

Tenant Used the System to Not Pay Rent for 8 Months Before Being Evicted

The tenant used the current Ontario system and when he was evicted used a “loop hole” to make an appeal to the Ontario Superior Court.  The cost for this move which allowed a long rent free stay was only $180. You see in Ontario tenants can “appeal” a Landlord and Tenant Board eviction which will result in months of delays (while the tenant continues to live rent free in your property).

8 Months of No Rent By Using a Loophole Any Tenant Can Use

By the time the appeal had been rejected the tenant had a nice long rent free stay. Can you imagine not being paid rent for 8 months? What would that do to your bank account?

It Can Happen To You, And Very Easily!

No one thinks it can happen to them, but it can. Any tenant can use the current system to ruin you financially. And remember, all tenants get free legal help while landlords have to pay thousands for help with no guarantees of success in the anti-landlord Ontario system.

All Private Rentals Are Now Covered By Rent Control

More and more people are investing in Ontario rental properties in 2018. Especially condos.  While the real estate market has been a bit up and down due to new Ontario government policies, smart investors know that if you have a good tenant paying rent it protects investment.

One Bad Tenants Can Lead To Financial Ruin

Imagine you rent to someone and then they don’t pay rent. Their cheque bounces. You file to evict them, and after months get the eviction…then they “appeal the eviction” for another 8 months of rent as the slow-moving Ontario system takes so much time to make a decision. There are also other big challenges coming, such as Ontario tenants will be able to smoke marijuana in their rentals.

How Can You Handle Ontario Tenant Problems?

Let’s face it: It can be really difficult to get “real” advice as landlord in Ontario. There are lots of people who will be happy to take thousands of dollars to help you. Except they offer no guarantees. There are people out there who will read the LTB website and write posts about it or hold seminars on it. However, they won’t tell you how “real landlords” deal with problems and how those with years of experience “in the trenches” deal with tenant problems.

OLA vault

The Ontario Landlords Knowledge Vault Will Help You Become a Successful Landlord in Ontario

You can now get answers to your questions and help with your situations with the Ontario Landlord Knowledge Vault

The Ontario Landlord Knowledge Vault Was Created By Successful & Experience Ontario Landlords & Property Managers to Help You Succeed

When landlords have trouble it’s hard to know where to turn. There are people out there claiming to help you but do they really know what they are doing? The risks of making a “wrong move” can end up costing you tens of thousands of dollars.

Learn The “Real Way Things Work” To Become a Successful Ontario Landlord

The Ontario landlord knowledge vault gives you great advice and tips from people who have been where you, been in the trenches, and who have succeeded!  All for a one time fee you get hours of guidance from experienced landlords and property managers.

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Ontario Landlords Association – Ban Tenants From Smoking & Growing Marijuana in Rental Properties!

January 27th, 2018 · Latest news, marijuana, Tenant Credit Checks, Tenant Problems

toronto landlords marijuana

Ontario Landlords Are Facing Big Challenges With Tenants Being Allowed To Smoke Marijuana in Rental Properties (And Even Allowed To Grow Plants!) 

Being a landlord wherever you are can mean facing challenges to protect your business and make profits. We’ve heard about landlords in BC who complain that a two week pet deposit is to small.  They say they need a large deposit to cover potential pet damages. 

And some Alberta landlords (who can raise the rent as much as they want each year) complain that they need better protections from tenants who do midnight move-outs (including those who get large rent increases).

Sure, landlords all over have complaints.  However, Ontario landlords face unique challenges compared to other places. Let’s take a closer look.

For example, Ontario landlords cannot do the following:

1. Ask for a Pet damage deposit

If a someone wants to rent from you and they have a dog or a cat can you tell them you want a pet deposit in order to rent to them?  If there are no pet damages you will return the deposit when the tenants move out, so asking for a pet deposit makes sense right? Not in Ontario.

2. Enforce No Pet Clauses

You have a newly decorated apartment and don’t want to rent to someone with pets. The tenants agree and move in. And then you notice they have a cat in your 1 unit townhouse. Can you evict? Not in Ontario.

3. Have a Fixed Term Lease that says tenants must move on a Specific Future Date

You sign a one year lease with your tenants.  When the lease it up they don’t move out.  What’s going on? In Ontario they can become monthly tenants even if they signed a fixed term lease.

These are only some of the challenges we face.

A Big New Challenge For Ontario Landlords in 2018

Many landlords are only now realizing that 2018 could lead to our biggest challenge yet. This one is because marijuana will be legal soon. Yes, many aren’t aware of this.  But it’s happening and happening soon.

Ontario Landlords & Tenant Smoking Marijuana in Our Rental Properties

There will even be 150 stores selling marijuana across Ontario in 2020.  Similar to the Beer Store and the LCBO…tenants can walk in, buy weed, and bring it back to the rental property and smoke it.

They can have friends come over and have a marijuana party. The can smoke in the morning, afternoon or all night. 

Ontario Tenants Can Bring In Four Plants and Grow Them in The Rental Property

Ontario landlords tenants grow op

Not only will they be allowed to smoke weed, they will be able to grow it!

Ontario Landlord “It’s Going To Be A Disaster!”

There was a terrific post at the Canada Landlords site from an Ottawa Landlord who expects the marijuana issue to be lead to big problems in 2018.

“We have a duplex and a couple of years ago had a huge problem with it came to smoke. The downstairs tenant agreed not to smoke cigarettes in the basement apartment and followed our lease rule carefully.  When she wanted to smoke she would go outside near the entrance to the lower unit and light up.

No problems. Yes, no problems until she found a low-life boyfriend and secretly had him move in with her. We only knew about him because the upstairs tenants called to complain about smoke coming up into their unit! You see while the person we rented to went outside this guy just lit up in the rental during the winter time.  He refused to go outside because it was “too cold” and continued to smoke downstairs. 

When we asked him to stop his solution was to continue smoking, but he bought a small fan to “deal with the issue.” The whole situation led to a lot of problems for us (including the upstairs tenants moving while we worked to evict the downstairs). I can’t imagine how many problems there will be when tenants start smoking weed and bother other tenants! It’s going to be a disaster.”

Ontario Landlords And Marijuana in 2018

We still have time to try to do something to prevent tenants from smoking weed in our rentals which will lead to damages and bothering other tenants.  The law needs to be changed! Make your voice heard by going to the Ontario Landlords Association site and sharing your thoughts and concerns on this issue!

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Newmarket Renters Demand Safe and Legal Basement Rental Apartments

January 18th, 2018 · Latest news, legal basement apartments, Newmarket landlords, Newmarket Rental Property, Newmarket renters, Rental Property


Newmarket renters can easily see if a rental is legal and registered or not. If it it, you see a big “N” plate on the front of the property

With More People Renting Out Basement Apartments Smart Newmarket Landlords Are Leading The Way In Creating Safe, Legal Units To Make Renters Feel At Ease

There was an excellent article in the Toronto Star recently regarding legal basement apartments. In the story a person looking to buy a house wanted to find one with a basement apartment. 

After viewing lots of single family homes and semis with basement rentals they were feeling confused. Realtors and the MLS listings were not providing the information they wanted.  So the potential buyer asked The Star “how to make sure the basement apartment in a house is actually legal.”

Why Are Basement Apartments So Popular These Days?

Property prices continue to increase in many parts of Ontario.  In Toronto  The rise in prices for detached homes, semis and condos was dramatic in 2016.  And Toronto and GTA real estate is going to continue to grow fast in 2017.

More and more homeowners are looking at having a basement rental apartment in their houses these days.

1.  Using The Rental Income To Help Qualify For Your Mortgage

With some recent changes to how one can get a mortgage having extra income from a basement suite can be very helpful to get qualified.

2. Monthly Cash Flow To Help Cover The Mortgage

Once you purchase the property and get the mortgage, now you have to pay for it each month. Having a tenant renting out your basement can bring in needed dollars to help you cover your monthly payments.

3. Monthly Cash Flow To Take A Chunk Out Of Your Mortgage Each Year

Many new owners have enough income themselves to cover their mortgage. So any extra income from a basement rental apartment can be saved up. 

When it’s saved it can be used to help pay down your mortgage every year. Imagine the financial freedom you will have once you are “mortgage free!”

How Can I Make Sure The Basement Apartment In A Home I Might Buy Is Really Legal?

This is the question asked in the Toronto Star story we mentioned earlier. It’s a terrific and important question that all new buyers / potential landlords should be asking!

You want a great tenant for your property and that’s why you always run a landlord credit check. But what about your future tenants? They want a great landlord…and they want a safe rental home.

Right off the bat you need to make sure the rental apartment meets all the codes and by-laws in the area.  After all, if you rent out an illegal basement apartment you could face steep fines or even time in jail (yes, true!) 

You also are also totally open to liability in case there is a tragedy such as a fire.

Oh My God There’s a Fire In My Rental?

If there ever was a fire and your basement rental unit was “non-compliant” do you think your insurance company would cover you?

Even if you were lucky enough to have no one injured you will probably be on the hook for thousands of dollars in damages your tenants encountered. And you would be responsible for the house damages.  And hope that a bunch of law-suites don’t come your way!

Newmarket Rental Properties

Unfortunately in Toronto it can be very expensive to create a legal basement apartment in your home. Toronto Star Columnist Bob Aaron wrote about this in an column where he believe the high fees in Toronto are crushing legal basement apartments.

Newmarket Has An Efficient System To Make Your Basement Rentals Safe and Legal

So why not invest in a place that has an efficient and low cost way to make your basement safe and legal?

Experienced and successful landlords make sure their rental properties are safe, legal and registered and no tenants should risk their well-being (and pay their hard earned rent) living in a rental unit that is not up to code by the landlord.

Newmarket is a place with a clear system of what is a “legal” rental property and what is not. If you pass all the inspections you get an “N” plate that shows everyone you are safe and legal.Newmarket landlords with an “N” plate are safe and tenants know it’s a property (and a landlord) they can trust for safety.

Tenants can even check the Newmarket ADU list to make sure the landlord is telling the truth and the Newmarket basement apartment is on the Newmarket rental apartment legal list.

Safe, Legal Rental Properties and Your Success As an Ontario Landlord (and your protection!)

Smart and successful landlords know the importance of protecting your investment. They also make protecting the safety of their tenants a priority. 

In Newmarket, Ontario there is a way to make your basement apartment legal and registered.  Most other cities and towns don’t have this type of effective system yet.

However, you can still work with your bylaw office and your fire department to make sure your rental property is safe no matter where you are.

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Ontario Landlords Association – OLA Says Don’t Be A Victim of a Scam

June 10th, 2016 · Landlord Advice, Latest news, OLA Scam, Ontario Landlords Association Scam

Ontario Landlords Association - OLA Says Don't Be A Victim of a Scam

OLA Warns Ontario Landlords To Avoid Tenant Scams

Recently there have been lots of posts at the Ontario Landlords Association forum where OLA members have written about bad tenant experiences.

Scam #1: It’s Only Me and My Child Who Will Move In To The Apartment

In one thread in the OLA Members forum a very ethical and responsible small landlord thought she was renting her basement apartment to a single person and her child. The basement unit had only one bedroom. After she moved in her common-law husband and several others also moved in.

Scam #2: I’m a Great Person Who Will Take Care of Your Property Like It’s My Own

This thread was a similar situation to the Nina Willis situation.

You remember Nina Willis, who the Toronto Star called the “Tenant From Hell.” This was the individual who had rehearsed a great “interview” speech for meeting potential landlords.

She would meet a new landlord and have a great story. She was looking for a ‘good landlord’ and would ‘pay the rent on time, always.’ She said she would treat the property with great care. Then after moving in she would stop paying rent, call the local bylaw office to complain about every little issue, and attempt to use the Ontario Landlord and Tenant Board system to delay eviction. Some small landlords were devastated by this tenant’s actions.

Scam #3: Don’t Do A Credit Check On Me, There’s No Need To

This is also a common topic on the forum. An applicant will say their credit is bad only because a bad landlord tricked them and sued them because the “had to move out because it was so horrible and they had to break the lease and had no other choice.” Or they went through a tough divorce and lost everything. Or they made some mistakes when they were young.

Always run a credit check. This way you can see the “cold hard truth” of the applicants financial situation and if they have a history of paying their bills on time or not.

Ontario Landlords Be Careful of Tenant Scams

Property prices are rising in Toronto. In fact, prices are rising fast all over Southern Ontario including the suburbs where you can places like Newmarket, Ontario experiencing huge price increases. With prices rising fast, many excellent tenants are deciding on renting instead of buying in 2015-2016.

Ontario is a hot real estate market where prices are rising all over, unlike what Alberta landlords face these days. In fact, landlords across Canada are envious of what is happening in Southern Ontario and wish they were experiencing a similar market. Canada landlords from across the country are looking at how good the Ontario rental market is these days.

Ontario landlords can avoid tenant scams with proper tenant screening. Most tenants out there are good people who are going to pay rent on time and if there are any problems they will work with you, a service oriented and professional landlord. However there are also a group of professional tenant scammers who want to victimize you.

OLA members say: don’t be scammed. Make sure you evaluate every tenant who wants to rent your property carefully and professionally. By being a proactive landlord (including running credit checks) you can find all the great tenants out there, and avoid the pros.

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Ontario Landlords Association: New Landlord and Tenant Board Rules and Forms

August 3rd, 2015 · Landlord and Tenant Board, Latest news, LTB, Ontario Landlords Association Membership

 Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB)

Ontario Landlords Association – Are You Prepared For New Rules and Forms from the Landlord and Tenant Board?

There have been posts at the Ontario Landlords Association website asking about changes that have occurred for landlords recently. Many residential landlords are unclear of the details of the changes and the impact if will have on their rental businesses.

Yes, there are changes at the Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB) that all Ontario landlords need to be aware of. Make sure you know the new procedures and know which forms to use.

What is the Landlord and Tenant Board?

Many new landlords have lots of questions about the LTB. Many are not aware of what it is and what it does.

It’s a tribunal run by the Ontario government. It provides information to landlords and tenants about the laws governing the residential rental industry. It also handles any disputes between landlords and tenants and offers mediation for both sides.

1. Landlord and Tenant Disputes

Under the Residential Tenancies Act (the laws for residential landlords and tenants), the LTB will hear and make decisions regarding issues between landlords and tenants. LTB hearing locations are spread around the province. Hearings are held regularly in front of an adjudicator.

2. Mediation

If tenants and landlords want to try to mediate their dispute the LTB offers mediators to try to help them come to an agreement with one another. With successful mediation, both sides can avoid a confrontation at a Hearing in front of the adjudicator.

Why is the Landlord and Tenant Board Important for Landlords?

Tenants problems happen and landlords need to deal with them. For example, what happens if a tenant doesn’t pay rent? You go over to the rental property and knock on the door. No one answers. You call your tenants to ask them about their rent payment and no answers the phone.

We have written on how important knowing how the Landlord and Tenant Board works before.

What are the New Changes at the LTB?

There have been some recent changes at the Landlord and Tenant Board.

1. New Forms

The old forms landlords used for things such as applying for an eviction cannot be used after May 31st. It’s important landlords become familiar with the new, updated forms.

2. Method of Serving Applications and Notices of Hearings

Instead of the applicant serving an application or notice, the LTB will begin doing it. It will be done by mail beginning on the first of July, 2015. This is a positive change as we have heard many landlords complain they served their tenants with a notice only to have the tenants claim they didn’t receive anything (leading to a delay in the already extremely long eviction process).

3. The Option of E-Filing Applications

In the next few months landlords and tenants will be able to “e-file” some applications. At the start, these applications will include the L1, L2, T2 and T6.

How Can I Learn More about the Landlord and Tenant Board?

The LTB website offers a very simplistic outline of what they do and how landlords can approach various tenant issues. It is only the most basic outline and rarely provides landlords with any real insights on the process. For example, many small landlords are surprised to find all tenants are provided with free legal help (and landlords are not).

There are thousands of posts in the Ontario Landlords Association Members forum where both new and experienced landlords communicate and assist each other when dealing with the Landlord and Tenant Board.At the Ontario Landlords Association you get the real story on how things really work at the LTB.

In fact, many experienced and successful landlords try to avoid the LTB if possible. They find the LTB process time-consuming and often biased and unfair against small residential landlords.

How Can I Avoid Going to the Landlord and Tenant Board?

The vast majority of cases are for tenants who don’t pay rent.  If you want to avoid the LTB experienced and successful Ontario landlords know the importance of screening tenants carefully.

There are lots of good tenants out there and you need to find them. There are also tenants who will not pay rent and leave you with a huge financial mess.

Ontario Landlords Association Membership

You can become a member of the Ontario Landlords Association and begin running premium credit checks on your potential tenants, along with learning the screening techniques used by experienced and successful landlords, to find great tenants.

You can join the OLA for only a one-time registration fee (no annual fee). It’s a great opportunity for landlords to not only get the tools and services you need, but to network with others with years of experience. The OLA has worked hard to also make membership only a one time fee with huge discounts once you join.

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Ontario Landlords Rental Kit 2015

January 2nd, 2015 · Latest news, Leases, Ontario Landlords Association Membership, Rental Kit

 Ontario Landlords Rental Kit lease 2015

Get Premium Leases, Applications and Other Key Documents For Landlords To Succeed!

Experienced Ontario landlords are very aware that the rules and laws presiding over landlord and tenant matters here are very pro-tenant and very anti-landlord.

One way experienced landlords run successful rental property business is by using credit checks on tenants before renting to them.

This is a great way to know who you are renting to and to make sure you are renting to financially responsible people. The Toronto Star recommends landlord join the Ontario Landlords Association for credit checks and supporting documents.

With the rules against landlords and predatory tenants abusing the system, having access to and using premium documents (especially your application and lease) is also important.

Why Is Using A Proper Application and Lease Important for Success?

There are lots of reasons. For example:

1. Shows you are professional

Good tenants like to rent from landlords who are experienced and knowledgeable. By using professional documents you convey your seriousness to your tenants.

2. Follow the human rights code

It shows you are aware of the Ontario Human Rights Commission Rules for landlords and are using documents that follow the Code. Did you know this 17 year old tenant was successful suing a landlord who refused renting to her due to her age? She won $10,000! It’s important landlords follow the Human Rights Code at all times.

3. Prepared for the Landlord and Tenant Board

A good lease will prepare you if you have to go to the Ontario Landlord and Tenant Board. If you don’t have a good lease and go to the Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB) or small claims court the landlord will face a true uphill battle and usually end up on the losers side of the case.

4. Ready in case you have to go to small claims court

You need a lease that will be there to support you if you have to go to small claims court…which so many Ontario landlords face in 2015. A good residential lease will have certain aspects to it to make it strong and effective. This includes not only vital information but also special clauses to protect landlords in case you have a legal dispute with your tenants.

Ontario Landlords Association Rental Kit and Leases and Applications

When you join the Ontario Landlords Association for a one time registration fee you get access to the Rental Kit.

This Rental Kit is online and you can download documents 24/7 as it is your own on-line document library.

You get a selection of applications and other documents. This includes a choice of amazing leases designed for landlords in 2015.

OLA Leases (2015) Include:

1. New Landlord Lease 2015

This is an amazing lease designed especially for new landlords. Whether you are renting out your basement, multiplex or single family home, it is clear and concise while also offering you protection from bad tenants.

2. Sophisticated Investor Lease 2015

This is a lease designed and used by experienced and successful landlords. It is easily adapted for your specific situation. Especially good for landlords who own condos.

3. Property Management Lease 2015

This lease was designed by industry professionals to protect landlords. It is used by several of the largest property management companies in Ontario.

4. Ultra Protection Lease 2015

This lease offers iron-clad protection for landlords when dealing with the Residential Tenancies Act. At over twenty pages, it was designed by legal professionals and has your bases covered if you ever have a dispute with your tenants.

Other Key Documents For Success!

Also in the Ontario Landlord Rental Kit You Get Access Other Premium Documents:

-OLA Notice of Entry

-OLA Room Rental Agreement

-OLA Garage Rental Agreement

-OLA Assignment of Tenancy Agreement

-OLA Subtenancy Agreement

-OLA Rental Unit Inspection Report

-OLA Intention to Renew Lease

-OLA Extension of Lease Agreement

-OLA Parking Agreement

-OLA Guarantor Form

-OLA Pet Rules Tenants Must Follow

-OLA Moving Out Rules For Tenants

-OLA Credit Information Release Form

-OLA Monthly Rental Recording Form

-OLA Guarantee of Rent

-OLA Accepting Termination

-OLA How to Write An Online Ad

-OLA Maintenance Request Form (tenants must use this form to request repairs)

-OLA Breach of Lease Warning

-OLA Impact Statement Against Tenants

-OLA Certificate of Satisfactory Tenancy (Do you recommend these tenants or not?)

Ontario Landlords Rental Kit 2015

With property prices rising and lots of good tenants out there (and lots of not so good tenants) it’s important to use professional documents to make sure you are successful.



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Ontario Landlord Property Management – Should I Give My Tenants A Gift?

November 6th, 2014 · Latest news, Ontario Landlords, Property Management

Ontario landlords property management gifts

New Landlords Ask How To Show Their Appreciation To Good Tenants

With the weather forecasters saying snow is on the way, it’s a question that new landlords ask with the holidays coming up. They want to know if it’s a good idea to give gifts to their tenants for the holiday season.

Why Do Landlords Want To Give Gifts To Tenants?

With so many bad tenants out there targeting small landlords when you do find good tenants it feels good. After all small landlords have mortgages to pay and even advertising these days is becoming increasingly expensive. So when you do find good tenants who pay the rent, pay on time, and treat you and your property well many landlords want to show how much they appreciate them.

For example, we received an email from a Toronto landlord who says it took them three months to find a qualified tenant to rent their condo. Previously they had a tenant who was always late paying rent and then skipped on the lease after only 5 months. Unfortunately tenants skipping out on leases and tenants leaving thousands of dollars in damages happens a lot these days.

They are happy they found nice tenants who play by the rules and follow through with what they agreed on when they signed the lease with them. They want to show their appreciation and asked if they should send a holiday gift to them.

They were thinking of buying some gifts for the tenants and delivering it to them for the New Year. They weren’t sure if this was a good idea or not.

What are Some Reasons Not To Give Tenants Gifts?

Many landlords think giving a card or a voucher are a good idea. Who doesn’t like gifts?

One Calgary landlord wrote he gives $25 Starbucks gift cards to his best tenants and they really appreciate it.

Others think tenants might misunderstand the gesture and even hold it against you. For example, if many Chinese tenants celebrate the New Year in February and not on December 31st.

How Can Landlords Show Their Appreciation to Good Tenants?

Only you know your tenants. If you think they would appreciate a gift then go for it. The good news giving gifts to tenants is allowed under the Ontario landlord and tenant rules.

Remember, while landlords are looking for good tenants, tenants are also looking for good landlords. Tenants appreciate landlords who make repairs on time and take any concerns they have seriously.

Make sure you are a good landlord by taking your responsibilities seriously and knowing the rules. This is what tenants want.

And if you, a professional landlord, wants to send over some gift cards or some toys for their kids, tenants will appreciate it and view it positively.

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Truth About the Ontario Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB)

October 3rd, 2014 · Landlord and Tenant Board Ontario, Latest news, LTB, Truth about the LTB

 Ontario Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB)

The truth is most experienced Ontario landlords try to avoid the Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB).

They know running credit check on a tenant is of essential importance if you want to avoid bad tenants and find good ones. And when you rent to good tenants there is rarely a need to go to the LTB.

You only need to read your local newspaper or click on their website to see stories of bad tenants and landlords losing thousands of dollars (and having to do major repairs and clean ups).

Ontario Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB)

Many landlords who actually attend a Hearing are surprised how biased the Ontario Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB) is.

All tenants (rich or poor) receive free legal help paid for by your tax dollars and all tenants (good or bad) are treated like ‘poor innocent victims’ no matter what.

Meanwhile, the Residential Tenancies Act (which used to called by a more honest name: the Tenant Protection Act) makes sure LTB adjudicators view all landlords as big corporate monsters who want to abuse and exploit these ‘poor innocent victim’ tenants.

Many small family landlords are shocked to find out they are treated the same as a billion dollar corporate landlord at the Landlord and Tenant Board.

Many small landlords criticize the poor service and bad advice they receive from the LTB telephone number.

The emails we get from landlords who went to the LTB is the often share similar opinions and concerns.

They are shocked at how biased the system is, how unprofessional Tenant Duty Counsel can be (they are the legal reps at the LTB who help tenants, rich or poor or whatever), and feel disrespected and that their rights as Canadians have been abused at the Landlord and Tenant Board.

While Alberta landlords are getting a faster and more streamlined system, landlords in Ontario continue to face long delays in evictions and lots of frivolous Tenant Rights claims against them.

They also say the Ontario Landlord and Tenant Board website doesn’t provide a real illustration of what actually happens when you go to an LTB Hearing.

Peterborough Landlord – It Took Four Months To Evict My Non-Paying Tenant

A recent story of a Peterborough landlord has caught the attention of new Ontario landlords.

The story is from and it’s about a small landlord who had to deal with a bad tenant and had to deal with the Landlord and Tenant Board.

Here are some of the details:

#1 Tenant Stopped Paying Rent

Landlord Bill Buchanan acted fast when the tenant stopped paying rent. He downloaded an N4 Notice of Eviction from the Ontario Landlord and Tenant Board website. This was the beginning of attempt to get the tenant to either pay or move out.

#2 It Took Four Months To Evict A Non-Paying Tenant

Four months later the tenant moved out.

Yes, four months to evict and staying in the rental property while not paying rent!

Not only did the landlord have to face not receiving a cent of rent, he also had to face the hefty fees to go to Landlord and Tenant Board.

Ontario landlords have to pay a fee of $170 while tenants don’t have to pay anything for many of their applications.

#3 The Tenant Trashed the Rental Apartment

It wasn’t until Mr. Buchanan visited the apartment on Monday (Aug. 4) that he realized the shape the tenant had left the apartment in. With clogged plumbing, missing light fixtures, broken doors and damaged windows, he says it’ll cost him more time and money to fix the place up before another tenant moves in.

After the tenant finally moved out the landlord managed to get in and take a look.

The rental property was trashed.

The problems included screwed up plumbing, doors were broken, and the window were broken, among other serious clean up and repair issues.

Ontario Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB)

This story of what happened to a Peterborough landlord is just one example of many.

The best way to avoid the Ontario Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB) is to make sure you know the laws, be a professional landlord, and make sure you rent to good tenants.

Tenant Credit Checks

One of the best ways to make sure you ‘know who you are renting to’ is by running a credit check on your tenant.

You can join the Ontario Landlords Association for only a low one-time registration fee and begin running premium credit checks from your own home computer for only $10/check!

Avoid the Ontario Landlord and Tenant Board and bad tenants with Ontario Landlords Association membership.

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Ontario Landlords Association Membership Review

September 1st, 2014 · Latest news, Ontario Landlords Association Membership, Ontario Landlords Association Review

 Ontario Landlords Association Membership

Ontario Landlords Association Membership – Successful landlords know the importance of joining a landlord association. After becoming a member of the Ontario Landlords Association you get discounted premium credit checks, a rental kit, and networking, and more.

There was a terrific message on the OLA Members forum recently from a new landlord struggling with a bad tenant:

“Joining the Ontario Landlords Association was the best thing I’ve ever done. Thanks for all your help, it’s unfortunate to know everyone has the same problems but good for us that are new to this to find people that can help.”

The stories of the challenges Ontario landlords face these days never seem to end.

This summer we heard the story of a tenant who was even jailed for his fraudulent actions against a couple of former landlords.

In a recent report in the Toronto Star tenant Adam Buttigieg plead guilty to writing bad cheques to fool landlords into thinking he paid rent and forging documents such as employment reference letters.

He even forged an Equifax tenant credit report to fool landlords into renting to him.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about tenants who offer their own credit reports to landlords providing a fake Equifax report. And it’s not only Toronto landlords who are getting ripped off as these types of tenants are taking advantage of the system all over Ontario!

Why Should I Join a Landlord Association?

We’ve all heard the old saying “knowledge is power.” There’s never been a saying as wise and helpful as this for Ontario landlords who are eager to succeed in their rental property business.

As a landlord it’s important to learn as much as you can as fast as you can. The best to do this is by interacting with successful and experienced landlords.

Some books and groups say new landlords should get a ‘mentor’ to teach them the ropes. The problem is everyone is busy and it’s very difficult to find someone who will mentor you. And if someone does offer to mentor you it often comes at a steep price!

In fact, some of the experienced landlords and groups out there make far more money charging new landlords thousands of dollars for you to attend their seminars and buy their book and pay their annual membership fees than they do from owning rental properties!

What Other Ways Can Joining A Landlord Association Help Me?

Experienced and successful landlords know what type of tools and services landlords need to choose good tenants and succeed as landlords.

Talking about ‘motivation’ and having big dreams is all well and good, but successful landlords are already motivated and have big dreams they want to turn into reality asap!

Real landlords don’t spend an hour talking about where you dream of one day retiring, they talk about what you need to do NOW to buy the right rental property, in the right location, and find good paying tenants.

Why Join the Ontario Landlords Association?

We live in the digital age where people lack time and use the internet to get their information and communicate with others.

Ontario Landlords Association membership is the perfect for landlords to utilize modern technology to network, access information, and use important landlord tools and services.

What Does Ontario Landlords Association Membership Offer Me?

A lot.

Because it’s run by a small group of truly experienced and successful residential landlords the landlord tools and landlord services are designed to help you succeed.

They also know small landlords are on a tight budget and need to save every cent they can.

This is why the membership fee for the Ontario Landlords Association is only a one-time registration fee.

You read that right: a one-time registration fee, no annual fee!

It’s because the OLA exists for one reason: to help landlords in Ontario.

They know small landlords are on a tight budget and deliver premium services and huge discounts to help you.

What Do I Get When I Become a Member of the Ontario Landlords Association?

Here’s just some of what you get with membership for a low one-time registration fee:

#1 The Ontario Landlord Rental Kit

Choose from a variety of premium leases, notices, applications and other documents to help you succeed as landlord.

Everything is on-line. You get your own on-line Rental Kit Library where you can download the documents you need 24 hours/day, 7 days a week. No need for photocopying or worry about spilling on your lease copy.

#2 Ontario Landlord Networking

Members get access to the Private Members Forum which is for landlords only. Every member is verified. There are over 12,000 posts from experienced landlords and property managers networking and sharing tips and advice with each other.

#3 Ontario Landlord Education

Basic members get access to helpful handbook for landlords. You can also get excellent manuals on topics such as tenant screening and how to market your rental property.

You can also get access to an amazing series of Cds which cover topics from what to do if your tenant doesn’t pay rent’ to ‘how to get ready to go to the Landlord and Tenant Board.”

#4 Landlord Insurance

You get advice and assistance and a discount for landlord and tenant insurance for your rental property.

#5 Premium Tenant Credit Checks

Experienced landlords know running credit checks on tenants is one of the most important ways landlords can make sure you avoid bad tenants. You get huge savings on premium tenant credit checks from Equifax, TVS and GARDA.

You can start running tenant credit checks for only $10/check from your home computer within hours. Successful landlords know the value of a tenant credit check. Even Alberta landlords are now running checks on their tenants.

Join the Ontario Landlords Association

It’s a great deal for landlords.

Even the Toronto Star recommended the Ontario Landlords Association writing Join a group such as the Ontario Landlords Association where after becoming a member, you can do a credit check for as low as $10, and use their supporting materials to assist you.”

The Ontario government, Equifax Canada, the University of Toronto and the Toronto Star all recommend joining!

Ontario Landlords Association Membership – Start Networking, Using Premium Leases and Other Documents from the Ontario Landlord Rental Kit, and Running Premium Tenant Credit Checks for Only $10/Check!

Join the Ontario Landlords Association for a Low One-Time Registration Fee!

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