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Ontario Landlords – We Need A Bad Tenants Registry

August 1st, 2014 · No Comments · Bad Tenants Registry, Ontario Landlords Association, Tenant Credit Checks

Ontario Landlords - We Need A Bad Tenants Registry

Ontario Landlords – Identities of bad tenants should be made public according to PC housing critic. We need a bad tenants registry!

With vacancy rates low and house appreciation high in many markets, Ontario Landlords know that if they rent to good tenants they are the right path for success.

We also know the Ontario system is unfair for landlords and tenants have all the rights.

If you rent to a bad tenant they can live in your property for months without paying rent.

It’s time for a bad tenant registry where landlords can look up records from the Landlord and Tenant Board.

Tenants From Hell

Even lawyers question why anyone would want to be a landlord when tenants such as Nina Willis are allowed to rip off small Toronto landlords over and over with the same tricks and excuses.

The Toronto Star conducted an amazing investigation of a tenant who has ripped off Ontario Landlords for years.

Her name is Nina Willis and she targets small landlords to rip off. You might be her next target.

The Star has another series of stories of a tenant who has ripped off small residential landlords for thousands of dollars.

In an interview with the Toronto Star this bad tenant confesses and says the system is unfair for landlords and empowers tenants who want to abuse the system.

He even says “I should have a big red flag.”

Time for A Bad Tenant Registry

With all these stories about bad tenants, PC MPP Ernie Hardeman has called on the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing to look into creating a registry where bad tenants (and bad landlords) could be listed and seen by the public.

Hardeman said “there must be a way that once you have a record that record becomes public.” And BC landlords now the importance of tenant screening. And even Alberta landlords are making sure they rent to great tenants and avoid the pro bad tenants.

Ontario Landlords Association Forum Post on This Issue

There has been a lot of discussion on how to avoid bad tenants in the Ontario Landlords Association forum.

This includes landlords wanting the creation of a bad tenants registry and for Landlord Tenant Board Orders to show the real names of the people involved. Now names are ‘redacted’ and only initials appear.

Here is a hard hitting post from a landlord on this issue:

“Why the delay and foot dragging by the government?

We need open and free access to what happens at the Landlord and Tenant Board in Ontario!

Let us be able to see who the bad tenants are who get evicted…and let good tenants see the bad landlords who lose at the LTB for things like not having a safe rental property.

It’s time the government simply allowed what happened at “landlord-tenant” court to be made public. This way good tenants and good landlords could make sure they are getting in a “business relationship” (because that’s what it is when you rent to or from someone) with a partner who you can trust based on facts.”

Tenant Credit Checks

The Ontario Housing Minister is Ted McMeekin.

He told the Star that he is very concerned about people who use the system to take advantage of others.

He said landlords can use tools such as credit checks to make sure they rent to good tenants. Yes, do credit checks, even BC landlords and in a landlord friendly province Alberta landlords are running tenant credit checks!

Join the Ontario Landlords Association

You can join for only a one time fee and get access to Networking, the Rental Kit and amazing Tenant Credit Check Services.

Since we don’t have a bad tenants registry it’s up to you to run credit checks on prospective tenants.

The Toronto Star recommends joining the Ontario Landlords Association:

“Join a group such as the Ontario Landlords Association where after becoming a member, you can do credit checks for as low as $10, and sue their supporting materials to assist you.”

Ontario Landlords It’s Time For A Bad Tenants Registry!

As We Wait For A Bad Tenants Registry Make Sure You Run Tenant Credit Checks To Find Out ‘Who You Are Renting To!”

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