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Ontario Landlord Property Management – Should I Give My Tenants A Gift?

November 6th, 2014 · No Comments · Latest news, Ontario Landlords, Property Management

Ontario landlords property management gifts

New Landlords Ask How To Show Their Appreciation To Good Tenants

With the weather forecasters saying snow is on the way, it’s a question that new landlords ask with the holidays coming up. They want to know if it’s a good idea to give gifts to their tenants for the holiday season.

Why Do Landlords Want To Give Gifts To Tenants?

With so many bad tenants out there targeting small landlords when you do find good tenants it feels good. After all small landlords have mortgages to pay and even advertising these days is becoming increasingly expensive. So when you do find good tenants who pay the rent, pay on time, and treat you and your property well many landlords want to show how much they appreciate them.

For example, we received an email from a Toronto landlord who says it took them three months to find a qualified tenant to rent their condo. Previously they had a tenant who was always late paying rent and then skipped on the lease after only 5 months. Unfortunately tenants skipping out on leases and tenants leaving thousands of dollars in damages happens a lot these days.

They are happy they found nice tenants who play by the rules and follow through with what they agreed on when they signed the lease with them. They want to show their appreciation and asked if they should send a holiday gift to them.

They were thinking of buying some gifts for the tenants and delivering it to them for the New Year. They weren’t sure if this was a good idea or not.

What are Some Reasons Not To Give Tenants Gifts?

Many landlords think giving a card or a voucher are a good idea. Who doesn’t like gifts?

One Calgary landlord wrote he gives $25 Starbucks gift cards to his best tenants and they really appreciate it.

Others think tenants might misunderstand the gesture and even hold it against you. For example, if many Chinese tenants celebrate the New Year in February and not on December 31st.

How Can Landlords Show Their Appreciation to Good Tenants?

Only you know your tenants. If you think they would appreciate a gift then go for it. The good news giving gifts to tenants is allowed under the Ontario landlord and tenant rules.

Remember, while landlords are looking for good tenants, tenants are also looking for good landlords. Tenants appreciate landlords who make repairs on time and take any concerns they have seriously.

Make sure you are a good landlord by taking your responsibilities seriously and knowing the rules. This is what tenants want.

And if you, a professional landlord, wants to send over some gift cards or some toys for their kids, tenants will appreciate it and view it positively.

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