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Ontario Landlords Rental Kit 2015

January 2nd, 2015 · No Comments · Latest news, Leases, Ontario Landlords Association Membership, Rental Kit

 Ontario Landlords Rental Kit lease 2015

Get Premium Leases, Applications and Other Key Documents For Landlords To Succeed!

Experienced Ontario landlords are very aware that the rules and laws presiding over landlord and tenant matters here are very pro-tenant and very anti-landlord.

One way experienced landlords run successful rental property business is by using credit checks on tenants before renting to them.

This is a great way to know who you are renting to and to make sure you are renting to financially responsible people. The Toronto Star recommends landlord join the Ontario Landlords Association for credit checks and supporting documents.

With the rules against landlords and predatory tenants abusing the system, having access to and using premium documents (especially your application and lease) is also important.

Why Is Using A Proper Application and Lease Important for Success?

There are lots of reasons. For example:

1. Shows you are professional

Good tenants like to rent from landlords who are experienced and knowledgeable. By using professional documents you convey your seriousness to your tenants.

2. Follow the human rights code

It shows you are aware of the Ontario Human Rights Commission Rules for landlords and are using documents that follow the Code. Did you know this 17 year old tenant was successful suing a landlord who refused renting to her due to her age? She won $10,000! It’s important landlords follow the Human Rights Code at all times.

3. Prepared for the Landlord and Tenant Board

A good lease will prepare you if you have to go to the Ontario Landlord and Tenant Board. If you don’t have a good lease and go to the Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB) or small claims court the landlord will face a true uphill battle and usually end up on the losers side of the case.

4. Ready in case you have to go to small claims court

You need a lease that will be there to support you if you have to go to small claims court…which so many Ontario landlords face in 2015. A good residential lease will have certain aspects to it to make it strong and effective. This includes not only vital information but also special clauses to protect landlords in case you have a legal dispute with your tenants.

Ontario Landlords Association Rental Kit and Leases and Applications

When you join the Ontario Landlords Association for a one time registration fee you get access to the Rental Kit.

This Rental Kit is online and you can download documents 24/7 as it is your own on-line document library.

You get a selection of applications and other documents. This includes a choice of amazing leases designed for landlords in 2015.

OLA Leases (2015) Include:

1. New Landlord Lease 2015

This is an amazing lease designed especially for new landlords. Whether you are renting out your basement, multiplex or single family home, it is clear and concise while also offering you protection from bad tenants.

2. Sophisticated Investor Lease 2015

This is a lease designed and used by experienced and successful landlords. It is easily adapted for your specific situation. Especially good for landlords who own condos.

3. Property Management Lease 2015

This lease was designed by industry professionals to protect landlords. It is used by several of the largest property management companies in Ontario.

4. Ultra Protection Lease 2015

This lease offers iron-clad protection for landlords when dealing with the Residential Tenancies Act. At over twenty pages, it was designed by legal professionals and has your bases covered if you ever have a dispute with your tenants.

Other Key Documents For Success!

Also in the Ontario Landlord Rental Kit You Get Access Other Premium Documents:

-OLA Notice of Entry

-OLA Room Rental Agreement

-OLA Garage Rental Agreement

-OLA Assignment of Tenancy Agreement

-OLA Subtenancy Agreement

-OLA Rental Unit Inspection Report

-OLA Intention to Renew Lease

-OLA Extension of Lease Agreement

-OLA Parking Agreement

-OLA Guarantor Form

-OLA Pet Rules Tenants Must Follow

-OLA Moving Out Rules For Tenants

-OLA Credit Information Release Form

-OLA Monthly Rental Recording Form

-OLA Guarantee of Rent

-OLA Accepting Termination

-OLA How to Write An Online Ad

-OLA Maintenance Request Form (tenants must use this form to request repairs)

-OLA Breach of Lease Warning

-OLA Impact Statement Against Tenants

-OLA Certificate of Satisfactory Tenancy (Do you recommend these tenants or not?)

Ontario Landlords Rental Kit 2015

With property prices rising and lots of good tenants out there (and lots of not so good tenants) it’s important to use professional documents to make sure you are successful.



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