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Ontario Landlords Association – Ban Tenants From Smoking & Growing Marijuana in Rental Properties!

January 27th, 2018 · No Comments · Latest news, marijuana, Tenant Credit Checks, Tenant Problems

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Ontario Landlords Are Facing Big Challenges With Tenants Being Allowed To Smoke Marijuana in Rental Properties (And Even Allowed To Grow Plants!) 

Being a landlord wherever you are can mean facing challenges to protect your business and make profits. We’ve heard about landlords in BC who complain that a two week pet deposit is to small.  They say they need a large deposit to cover potential pet damages. 

And some Alberta landlords (who can raise the rent as much as they want each year) complain that they need better protections from tenants who do midnight move-outs (including those who get large rent increases).

Sure, landlords all over have complaints.  However, Ontario landlords face unique challenges compared to other places. Let’s take a closer look.

For example, Ontario landlords cannot do the following:

1. Ask for a Pet damage deposit

If a someone wants to rent from you and they have a dog or a cat can you tell them you want a pet deposit in order to rent to them?  If there are no pet damages you will return the deposit when the tenants move out, so asking for a pet deposit makes sense right? Not in Ontario.

2. Enforce No Pet Clauses

You have a newly decorated apartment and don’t want to rent to someone with pets. The tenants agree and move in. And then you notice they have a cat in your 1 unit townhouse. Can you evict? Not in Ontario.

3. Have a Fixed Term Lease that says tenants must move on a Specific Future Date

You sign a one year lease with your tenants.  When the lease it up they don’t move out.  What’s going on? In Ontario they can become monthly tenants even if they signed a fixed term lease.

These are only some of the challenges we face.

A Big New Challenge For Ontario Landlords in 2018

Many landlords are only now realizing that 2018 could lead to our biggest challenge yet. This one is because marijuana will be legal soon. Yes, many aren’t aware of this.  But it’s happening and happening soon.

Ontario Landlords & Tenant Smoking Marijuana in Our Rental Properties

There will even be 150 stores selling marijuana across Ontario in 2020.  Similar to the Beer Store and the LCBO…tenants can walk in, buy weed, and bring it back to the rental property and smoke it.

They can have friends come over and have a marijuana party. The can smoke in the morning, afternoon or all night. 

Ontario Tenants Can Bring In Four Plants and Grow Them in The Rental Property

Ontario landlords tenants grow op

Not only will they be allowed to smoke weed, they will be able to grow it!

Ontario Landlord “It’s Going To Be A Disaster!”

There was a terrific post at the Canada Landlords site from an Ottawa Landlord who expects the marijuana issue to be lead to big problems in 2018.

“We have a duplex and a couple of years ago had a huge problem with it came to smoke. The downstairs tenant agreed not to smoke cigarettes in the basement apartment and followed our lease rule carefully.  When she wanted to smoke she would go outside near the entrance to the lower unit and light up.

No problems. Yes, no problems until she found a low-life boyfriend and secretly had him move in with her. We only knew about him because the upstairs tenants called to complain about smoke coming up into their unit! You see while the person we rented to went outside this guy just lit up in the rental during the winter time.  He refused to go outside because it was “too cold” and continued to smoke downstairs. 

When we asked him to stop his solution was to continue smoking, but he bought a small fan to “deal with the issue.” The whole situation led to a lot of problems for us (including the upstairs tenants moving while we worked to evict the downstairs). I can’t imagine how many problems there will be when tenants start smoking weed and bother other tenants! It’s going to be a disaster.”

Ontario Landlords And Marijuana in 2018

We still have time to try to do something to prevent tenants from smoking weed in our rentals which will lead to damages and bothering other tenants.  The law needs to be changed! Make your voice heard by going to the Ontario Landlords Association site and sharing your thoughts and concerns on this issue!

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